We’d be happy to log your location for consideration! We love mutually beneficial relationships. In order to make the process as easy and efficient as possible we have developed a system with guidelines for you to follow.

When Emailing Your Information Please Include the Following:

Location of the Location. By way of a Google, or Yahoo map or detailed directions, especially to remote places.

Ownership Declaration. Please tell us if you own the property. We work under permission from land or property owners. If you have a rental space, we need proof of permission in writing before considering the property for our files, much less for its use in a production.

Special Characteristics of the Property. (For instance, If your location has a charming bathroom, mention that. Don’t forget to mention you live on a street where the parking of production vehicles is virtually impossible, and perhaps some alternatives to this obstacle. Mention in particular driveways, pools, lawn or garden space, high ceilings, rooftop views, etc.) Also, it is important to research your city’s photo/ film permitting if there is any question a production is limited in your area. Mainly, this is our jurisdiction, but to save you the trouble, you should acquaint yourself with these, if any rules specific to your area.

Duration of Availability: The time frame during which you foresee the property being available. This is especially important in those instances where you are providing an empty space you are simultaneously trying to sell. Some of the most desirable locations are in fact the empty ones. They are simply easier to mold into the special visual concept of the project. Tell us if the space is only available for a certain time period, or in the case of summer-homes, certain seasons. If you are okay with any season, and see no need to qualify its availability, we ask only that you contact us if you sell or move away from your property and are therefore no longer in the position to grant permission for its usage.

Photos: It is easier to market your property with beautiful photos of your property. However, you need not be a professional photographer. Snap several logical, unimpeded pictures, preferably digitally. Do this from all angles/directions. Simple and clean. Allow the pictures to accurately portray your space. If you have a mansion you should take more pictures than if you have a 250 square foot studio, but only of important views. Full length, floor to ceiling shots are helpful as well as panoramic shots. Thank you!

*** Any information you supply for our database will absolutely be secure. Your name, address, email address, and property photos are confidential. They will only be retrieved from our database in the case your location becomes desirable to our clients. At which point we (Cassis or someone working with Cassis) will contact you for one of three things: to update our database, to inquire about the availability of the property for a given production date, or to set up a viewing of the property for further photographing or information.

You should know that supplying us with location photos of your property may or may not lead to your property being chosen. Some files are repeatedly referred to, and while others are less frequently needed, they are no less important to keep on file. If you have a location you think is too weird… toss that right out the window and submit it! We are psyched to find cool places that could be used to the right effect in a film, commercial or television show. Some still photographers who do magazine spreads require especially random locales. Do you have a chicken coop in your back yard? Weird. But, awesome. Submit it! 

If After Review By Our Client, Your Property Becomes Desirable For a Specific Project:

Agreement procedures vary upon individual clients, but you may be asked to sign a Location Contract and Release. Locations being our job, we are aware, and will help you understand any and all legal matters that are pertinent to the individual property and location agreement, including insurance acquisition, as needed.

You will be compensated for the use of your location. Each location must be negotiated to the individual case. You should come to the bargaining table with expectations, yet be willing to negotiate since the value of a production is not only about money. It can be an exciting experience when all parties are satisfied with the exchange of benefits. 

We are paid by the client to sift through the world’s locations. It is not as simple as picking one apartment over another. There are visual specificities, logistics, time constraints, personalities all pulling us in different directions. But that is our job! We like it. A lot.

On the Day of the Shoot:

Your experience can be any of a list of things. We all hope for the best, and work toward making the shoot uncomplicated and fun. There is serious work to do. Thank you for understanding that by agreeing to loan us your space, you have become a crucial part of the production, which sometimes means we need to institute boundaries and set rules. Some productions require silence and would prefer to have set clear of anyone not directly involved in a given shot. We appreciate cooperation. It can be hectic.

You should expect pieces of furniture and crew equipment to be moved around. Any of your furniture or art may be used in a shot. Please keep precious property somewhere else when crews come into your house.


To Include Your Property in Our LOCATION Database: